Access License Agreement

4.2.3 Provide integrated access to authorized users and an integrated author, article titles and keyword indexes for the materials granted; 6.3 Although the Licensee is not required to monitor or enforce the specific uses of licensed materials created by authorized users, the Licensee undertakes to implement and maintain appropriate security measures and to communicate policies and restrictions regularly to ensure that only authorized users access and use documents granted under the terms of this license. 11.2 None of the parties is liable for the damages suffered or has the right to terminate this licence for delays or delays in the implementation of this directive, if this delay or delay is caused by conditions beyond their control, including, but not limited, uncontrollable acts, state restrictions (including the refusal or cancellation of an export or other necessary licences), wars, uprisings and/or other causes that are not subject to the appropriate control of the party whose performance is compromised. H. Crawl disable or use other automated programs or algorithms to download, search, scratch, extract, deepen, index or permanently interrupt the normal function of the publisher`s websites or other users` access to the materials conceded. Secure network: a network (whether a stand-alone or virtual network on the Internet) to which only authorized users authorized by the licensee, whose identity is authenticated regularly at the time of registration and thereafter, in accordance with current good practices, and whose behavior is subject to the licensee`s regulations. In a recent article by Kevin Litman-Navarro for the New York Times, entitled We Read 150 Privacy Policies. They were an incomprehensible disaster[22] the complexity of 150 terms of popular pages like Facebook, Airbnb, etc. were analyzed and understood. For example, most licenses require university degrees or higher degrees: “To succeed at university, people must understand texts with a score of 1300. People in trades, such as doctors and lawyers, should be able to understand materials with grades of 1440, while 3rd graders should understand texts that score more than 1050 points to be on track for a university or career until graduation. Many privacy policies exceed these standards. [22] Click-Wrap Licensing Agreements cover the formation of site-based contracts (see iLan Systems, Inc.

v. Netscout Service Level Corp.). A common example occurs when a user has to accept a website`s licensing terms by clicking “Yes” in a pop-up to access the website`s features. This is therefore an analogy with retractable wrap licenses, for which a buyer implicitly accepts licensing conditions by first removing the retractable film from the software and then using the software itself.