Agreement Between Supplier And Buyer

31. The It-Technology Assurance vendor must maintain sufficient data protection processes and systems to adequately protect specifications, information, data, drawings, software and other objects that (i) were provided by the buyer to the seller or (ii) were received or developed by the seller when this order was executed or are paid by the buyer (“buyer data”), and comply with all applicable laws or regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (DSPR). If an event occurs in which the Seller knows or reasonably believes that the buyer`s data was actually or potentially transmitted to an unauthorized person or individual (“security incident”), or have been consulted or purchased by them (“safety incident”), the seller (i) will make economically reasonable efforts to investigate, contain and repair the security incident, and (ii) inform the buyer immediately, but no later than 72 (72) hours after the discovery of the security case. Notification from the seller to the buyer of a security incident includes sending an email to the supplier ( and the seller will encrypt emails sent to Rajant regarding security incidents using the industry`s encryption methods. The commitments contained in this section complement and do not change the seller`s obligations under existing U.S. government provisions. 30. The Flow Down seller for quality requirements requires lower-level suppliers to meet the quality assurance requirements that are comparable to those of this order. The seller takes responsibility for the quality of all materials and treatments obtained.

The seller must include this clause in its sub-contracts with lower-level suppliers and require lower-level suppliers to apply this clause to their lower-level suppliers. Any order from the buyer is not mandatory for the seller until it has been accepted in writing by the seller. A contract is concluded by the buyer`s written acceptance of an order for the goods by the seller. The buyer acknowledges that he is bound by these conditions that are part of the contract. The contract can only be amended with the seller`s prior written consent. To the extent that there is a conflict between these conditions and other documents or correspondences that are part of the treaty, these conditions are of the utmost importance and are a priority. 28. Electronic Transmission (a) The contracting parties agree that this designation, when transmitted electronically, and the electronic signatures transmitted to it will be certified; that neither party can challenge the validity of this order on the grounds that the order was transmitted electronically or that it contains an electronic signature.

(b) The seller sends and receives, at the request of the buyer and seller, electronic transactions using web technologies. These online electronic transmission technologies may include, but cannot be limited to: (a) e-mail; (b) the internet directly between the buyer and the seller; (c) the marketplace or the electronic portal (“EXOSTAR”); and (d) current and future electronic data exchange systems (EDIs).