Dynamics Ax 2009 Trade Agreements

Attention also to monetary issues. Trade agreements are always tied to a given currency. Therefore, if you set up a trade agreement in USD for a customer who normally orders in USD, you will have a problem if the client tries to place a client order in EUR – he does not receive the price/discount of the trade agreement. However, one point to remember is that 4.0 (I`m not sure this changed in later versions) only uses trade agreements for items for which a default supplier is indicated in their item record. Thus, the supplier 0001 was selected, the planning of the mastery would only consider the commercial agreements for this supplier, which would make it imho quite useless. 8. Trade agreements may also be concluded for a particular supplier, article or group. My only concern here is that Microsoft`s manual doesn`t go into detail to explain how trade deals work — and set them up for different scenarios. Do you know of a manual or white paper that was only written to explain more precisely how trade agreements work? 2. Enable the checkbox for each type of agreement on each tab corresponding to a desired sales business agreement type. Line discounts – here you indicate the discounts in percentage or amount. The discount is applied to the unit price, i.e. the price of the above price agreement.

You can also configure different discounts depending on the quantity ordered. In this type of trade agreement, the DAX only takes into account the quantity ordered on a single customer order line. Example – I sell Cola, Sprite and Fanta and I want to give my customer a 10% discount if he buys 3 bottles of a product (I give the discount if they buy 3 bottles of Sprite or 3 bottles of Fanta, but I will not give the discount if they buy 2 bottles of Sprite and 1 Fanta). Trade agreements are available in Dynamics AX for pricing, line discounts, multiline discounts, and global discount. I will outline each of them during the speech. 11. To add a particular business agreement to an order or sales order, go to the lines and enter the item. The article is created automatically to meet the criteria of the existing trade agreement. Is anyone familiar with any good white papers written about trade agreements (except Microsoft manuals) and how they are used and implemented in AX v4.0? 4. Trade agreements can be established in any of the above-mentioned group forms. The Trade Agreement button allows you to create trade agreements for any type of relationship. You will notice that the options you have change depending on the decisions you make when entering the business contract log.

Because I have already set up Trade Aggreement and can do well in PO, but if I try to conclude trade agreements, it does not work thanks for the overview. I appreciate the time available to me to explain the various trade agreements. 10. Once trade agreements have been concluded, they can be used for customer orders or orders. Example: The sales contract states that a $90 item is sold to a single intercompany customer. The corresponding sales contract in the other company should provide that the seller of intercompany calculates for this article 90 USD. 9. Once the trade agreements have been concluded, they will be displayed under the group form under the “Trade Agreement” button..

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