Violation Of Service Agreement

This provision describes who owns the intellectual property (IP) created from the service. As a general rule, the parties retain any IP they contribute. For example, the service provider maintains the IP for its process and the customer keeps its IP that is used to complete the service (i.e. the logo of the company used to make T-shirts). In addition, the customer usually obtains an exclusive revocable license for the use/sale of the IP for the duration of the relationship. It`s important to make sure your business doesn`t inadvertently transfer IP to the service provider. If you or your company has entered into a contract with someone who is violating their legally enforceable contract, it`s best to consult a lawyer to discuss how to proceed. The Benefit Scope section defines the services your business receives. We will exempt and pay you for damages caused to your related businesses: (a) all damages, costs and attorneys` fees that have been definitively awarded to you, and your affiliates, in the event of a claim pursuant to subsection 10.1; (b) all costs, including reasonable attorneys` fees, that you incur in defending a claim under subsection 10.1 (except for attorneys` fees and expenses incurred without our consent, after we have agreed to defend the claim, and costs incurred in accordance with the last sentence of subsection 10.1); and (c) any amounts we pay to third parties to settle claims in accordance with subsection Exclusion of commitments. .

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