How Do You Say Rental Agreement In Italian

Contratto di locazione a canone libero (Free Market Agreement) Within 48 hours of the tenant`s arrival, the landlord must complete a comunic assignment fabbricato, the declaration of hospitality of the form, and submit it to the local police station, indicating the names and copies of the identity documents of any person who remains in the property. The lessor is responsible for registering a copy of the rental agreement with the Agenzia delle Entrate within 30 days of signing it. A copy of the registered contract (with stamps and seals) must be given to the tenant. The registration fee is usually distributed among the parties. If the lessor does not register the contract (i.e. does not pay taxes due), he may be fined extremely highly. If the lessor does not register the lease as he wishes, the tenant can do so. As a general rule, you have to pay all your own benefits in an Italian rent. This includes: While they are useful in identifying some of the conditions that the contract should contain, it is not advisable to base on a model an important agreement that will be mandatory for months (or even years). Professional advice is essential.

There are many, but these are the four most important leases that are used in Italy: be careful with people who say, “I trust you. We don`t need you to sign an agreement for a few weeks. Any type of lease, even for a few days, should be written, signed by both parties, and contain all information about the landlord and tenant; Housing The price Whether supply or maintenance costs are included (and up to what amount); The start and end date of the lease; The amount of the deposit and the conditions for the return of the surety. From March 2014, cash payments of up to 1,000 euros per month will be allowed and tenants will have to receive a receipt each time they pay something. Whether you`re moving to Italy for its beautiful scenery, more pasta is flowing in your life, starting a new job or starting a business, one of the biggest obstacles can find housing.