Amtrak Pet Agreement

To add a pet fare, first book a regular amtrak ticket via Wanderu, then you have a few options. One is to go to and click “Change Travel” in the top right corner. From there, you can add your pet and pay the necessary fees. You can also call Amtrak`s service on 800th 872-7245 and pay for it by phone. Prepare for some size limitations: Amtrak requires that your pet carrier (with your pet inside) weigh less than 20 pounds. The wearer himself must be safe, well ventilated and large enough for his pet to lie down without hitting the carrier`s sides. In terms of exact dimensions, your pet carrier should not exceed 19x14x10.5 inches. In Mexico, all pets must travel on buses in the baggage compartment. Only blind drivers, public servants or rescue dogs are allowed in the vehicle. There is no additional charge if the weight of the animal is less than 55 pounds (25 kilos).

The journey should not take more than eight hours. Animals are not accepted if the temperature exceeds 86 degrees F (30 degrees C) at any travel point. Preferably, the animal should be sedated. Passengers may be denied boarding if the train is overcrowded. Passengers may be asked to leave the train when their pet is causing a risk or nuisance to other customers. While it may seem simple enough to put your dog in a licensed vehicle and get on the train with you, there are many rules to follow. From the length of the trip and booking, to the right papers and your dog`s temperament, there are rules to follow. If you cannot control the animal, Amtrak reserves the right to have you boarded off the train. Amtrak explicitly lists barking that is too noisy and unbroken as possible reasons, a service animal is removed. However, Amtrak`s new pet policy is not without its rules.

For an additional $25, only one pet is allowed at a time, which cannot weigh more than 20 pounds. The bearer of the animal in which the animal is to remain on board is also included in this weight limit. However, licensed service animals are not subject to such restrictions and will continue to travel free of charge. The bill provides for a pilot program requiring Amtrak to allow pets in at least one handcar. This means that your dog or cat must be able to fit in a kennel or bag that you can take with you, and it must comply with Amtrak requirements. Not all dogs that are too big can drive. Simply print the form at home, fill it out and sign it, and then show it to the conductor when they scan your ticket. Amtrak roads with a designated pet trainer car include Amtrak Cascades, Carl Sandburg, Illinois Zephyr, Illini, Lincoln Service, Saluki, Pere Marquette, Wolverine, Blue Water, Hiawatha and Missouri River Runner. Your pet must stay inside its carrier if you are at the station, in addition to while you are on the train. Service Dog of The Year Denied Boarding On American Airlines Train travel can be much less stressful than flying for pets and owners, with shorter check-in times and the comfort of having your pet on your lap throughout the journey rather than under your seat or in the hold. Service animals are allowed on Amtrak trains and are not limited to bags or carriers. This means you can`t fold them into the empty seat next to you — even pets have to stay on the ground, regardless of their size.

Fortunately, you don`t need to book a pet fare to bring a pet to Amtrak, as pets are not covered by Amtrak`s pet policy. To learn more about Amtrak`s service animal policy, click here. Amtrak`s greatest restriction for pets is what it defines exactly as “pet.”