Cohabitation Agreement Cyprus

The applicable Cypriot laws governing matters relating to the attribution and dissolution of marriage are the Marriage Act 2003 (Law 104 (I)/2003); and Law 16 (III)/2003, which ratified the United Nations Convention on Consent to Marriage, the Minimum Age of Marriage and the Registration of Marriages. In Cyprus, marriage could be celebrated either according to the canon of a religious group or by a civil agreement. Marriage is only an option for the union between a man and a woman, but a civil marriage can be celebrated between individuals of each religious group. The Christian Orthodox Church allows the grouping between Catholic and Orthodox individuals, in addition to a purely Orthodox union, called mixed marriage. The award of a civil union is carried out before the district official acting in his capacity as clerk. The procedure takes place exclusively on prior order in the constituency of one of the persons concerned or, if they do not permanently reside in Cyprus, in the district of their free choice. The presence of other friends and relatives of the persons concerned during the procedure may be authorized with the consent of the competent authority. However, the procedure is not too formal to interfere with the functioning of the public service. As of April 18, 2016, eight same-sex unions have been registered. [23] In November 2015, Registered Partnerships Act 184 (I)/2015 was passed in Cyprus, which was made final by a family association as part of a partnership agreement that can be concluded by “two heterosexual or homosexual persons”. Section 4 of the Act provides that the life partnership has the same rights as marriage and counts the terms “spouse” and “partner” in accordance with the law, unless otherwise stated; a notable exception is the adoption law exception.

A civil partnership may be dissolved by a joint written statement from the partners to the Clerk before whom the civil partnership was concluded, in the presence of two witnesses. Both parties must personally sign the corresponding agreement before the clerk in the district where one of them resides or in the district of their choice, if they do not reside permanently in Cyprus.