Microsoft Office 365 Business Associate Agreement The Compliance Centre is a strong resource. It is available to all Microsoft business customers, but some features, such as extended threat management, data classification sensitivity labels, some DLP features, may not be available unless you have a high-level license. 1. Sign up for Office 365 admin Center > billing > subscriptions > optional contractual supplements for privacy and security. Customers who have an online service contract with Microsoft do not need to log in or take steps to sign a HIPAA SERVICE, as baa is already offered to all affected customers under online terms of service. Note that the simple conclusion of a business associate agreement with Microsoft alone does not guarantee compliance with HIPAA rules, as Microsoft itself explained: although you have been hearing about the business transformation for some time, there is no less pe… By default, Microsoft offers its BAA to users defined by HIPAA as part of its online terms of service. BaA covers Dynamics 365, Office 365 and several other cloud services. HIPAA requires covered companies and their business partners, defined as each organization working with PHI, to enter into contracts with each other. These contracts ensure that business partners have technical and management systems in place to protect PIs. If you work with Office 365, it means the conclusion of a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Microsoft. Years ago, we published a tip on how to get your Business Associate Agreement (BAA) from Microsoft if you used its Office 365 services. The process has now changed a bit, which is why we decide to re-examine this topic in a new article: you get your BAA for microsoft online services.

So you want your IT services company to become a provider of Microsoft Cloud Solutions (CSP), but you […] Microsoft 365, the most widely used cloud service, is a remarkable example.