Professional Agreement For Receipt Of Canadian Market Data

(B) NO GARANTIE – CEG and third parties do not guarantee the relevance, order, accuracy or completeness of market data or other market information disseminated by CEG. The CEG and third parties are in no way responsible to the subscriber or another person for: a) inaccuracy; (i) such data, information or messages, or (ii) the transmission or transmission of such data, information or messages or 24 broadcasting fees for providers generally apply when the direct receipt of a broadcast feed for the broadcast and/or the receipt of a decryption key for a third party`s private content or the receipt of a feed containing a third party`s decrypted private content takes place. This letter contains the entire agreement between the parties regarding its purpose. This agreement replaces any prior agreement between the Subscriber and CEG under which the subscriber has obtained market data. In the event that the subscriber has previously submitted an agreement to CEG for the receipt of market data from a supplier other than the one shown here and the subscriber continues to receive market data from that supplier, this contract serves as a contract to accompany the contract previously forwarded to CEG. The parties may amend this agreement only in writing, which has been signed by or on behalf of each of them. b) Retroactive payment – Where the finding of non-qualification is based on misrepresentation of the subscriber, or if the subscriber has not updated the information provided by the CEG, CEG may notify the subscriber in writing (i) of this provision, (ii) of the period during which the subscriber received market data, but was not considered a non-professional subscriber, and (iii) of the amount calculated on CEG`s professional subscribing rates in effect at the time. Within 30 days of receiving this press release, the subscriber pays this amount to CEG.